Future ?
Champlain Bridge in Montreal

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With my design, I hope to contribute a little to sprout for a future Champlain Bridge, convenient, economical, functional, durable, attractive and easy to maintain.In my design, Monorail runs under the pavement of road transport and just above a tunnel for pedestrians & cyclists.Thus, if there is a mechanical problem with the Monorail, the repair will not impede traffic lane.If there is a serious accident on the bridge deck, the Monorail and the pedestrian tunnel & cyclists will not be affected.The advantage of the Monorail is that it can climb hills. A train can not. So there is no problem for the passage over the seaway and changes more pronounced gradients at the ends of the bridge.

See Monorail in action:

Huge circles are placed every 45 feet.
This allows the introduction of prefabricated blocks of length 45 feet to facilitate maintenance and replacement.
On the bridge deck, there are four pathways in 2 separated by a sidewalk for emergency directions.

The other advantage of this bridge designed with circles is that it can be relatively narrow,
while offering more ways of transport.
With one set of support columns, environmental impacts is limited in water.
Now imagine all these illuminated circles after dark.

Distance between the surface of the water
and Ferris wheel 150 feet ...

Distance between the surface of the water
and over large arches ... 350 feet.

Observatory above the Seaway allows pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the scenery.